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Thread: FB - Werts Snubbed Again

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    Default FB - Werts Snubbed Again

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    Prediction: On the post-season all-SBC team Zac Thomas won't even be there and Shai and Troy's Kaleb Barker will be the all-conference guys.
    "Follow the trendlines, not the headlines." -Steven Pinker (?)

    Regarding football Scheduling.

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    I don’t think it’s a big deal, and I actually believe QBs when they say they’d rather accomplish team goals.

    It’d be different if they’re riding pine, but most good players would rather get the ring than the certificate (if they had to choose).

    In any case, if Shai goes 1000x1000 and we win, he’ll get the accolades.
    Thanks, Rastabot!

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