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Thread: Regular season outcome

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    Default Regular season outcome

    Interesting scenario - you get a lamp and a genie will grant you one wish regarding the 2019 season. You have to pick one - either GS beats LSU and loses chance to play for conference championship OR GS loses handily to LSU but is guaranteed to win conference championship. Which do you choose and why?

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    Take the LSU loss for sure - a win there does not guarantee a good bowl game - the Belt championship does.

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    Conference Championship

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    Give me the championship. Unless we went 13-0 or maybe 12-1, we’ll be playing in a Sun Belt tie-in bowl.

    You don’t get trophies for beating a P5.

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    SB Championship guarantees a 13th and 14th game, I like that.

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    Conference championship.

    1. We still have another chance to beat a P5 team this season

    2. Nobody is expecting us to beat a top 10 team anyways so a loss doesn’t really reflect negatively on us

    3. A conference title will carry more weight for us in the long run.

    4. A conference title comes with a New Orleans Bowl berth.

    5. A conference title puts us in the running for the NY6 bowl slot (we could make it with a loss to LSU if everything else goes right but a conference title is a requirement)

    6. After beating a top 10 team, finishing the season without even making the conference championship game takes away from that win a little. Ask Troy the year they took down LSU.

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    Ya'll are crazy. I'll take the LSU win easily. You don't get exposure for winning a conference title. But these exceptions apply:
    -The overall record matters. If we were to beat LSU in a fluke or have a collapse and end up 6-6, that's worse than 8-4 and being 0-2 in the P5 games.
    -If we have a shot at a NY6 bowl with 12-1 and a CC obviously I'll obviously take the CC over 11-1 with a win over LSU and 1 conference loss

    BTW, with 5 bowl games in the conference if we're even in the CC contention there's zero chance we don't get a bowl bid.
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    Regarding football Scheduling.

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    LSU by a zillion miles!!

    People don't know anything about App except they beat Michigan. Folks don't have any clue about Troy, except they beat LSU. Beating UF gave us tremendous street cred.

    I'd even take a Minn win over a conference championship.

    No one knows or cares much about the SB, but they sure know about P5 upsets. Everyone loves that stuff (and it gets remembered.)

    I care much more about taking P5s than I do about being in some fancier bowl. There are 20,000 bowls now, and getting in one is cool.... But there are only a handful that actually matter.

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