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Thread: Gameday comments

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    Similar issues with WiFi. Was kicked off constantly during the first three quarters. That seemed to stabilize during the fourth quarter when the crowd tapered but speed was still no better than without it. Pretty disappointing.

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    I could never connect to the wifi either despite full signal. That said, at least it off loaded enough traffic that Verizon worked better than usual.

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    Maybe- and hopefully- it was just me but anyone else see an unusually high number of cockroaches in the stands also? I get that we’re in southeast Georgia and there are bits of food here and there but I’ve never seen one at a game before I saw several yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1peatfor7 View Post

    I noticed 2 food trucks on the press box side with no lines. Yet the concession line was a mile long. I don't know about you, but if I saw no line I'd sure as heck go there vs the concession line. I was able to get a kiosk with no line to grab a water with no wait. I noticed a few others like that.
    Had to wait in that line to get the season refill cup. Large majority of patrons bought these myself included. Lines should be a lot shorter or at least move quicker once this initial demand is met.
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    In Section 108 the piped in “music” was deafening at times yet the stadium announcer was barely audible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcountry View Post
    Saw some.

    Looks like a good opportunity for a pest control sponsorship.
    Knox Pest Control sponsors something, with the radio broadcast at least. I can't remember what it was but I remember Danny saying "Knox knocks 'em out" a few times.

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    The pizza place with the wood fire oven looked and smelled great. I was kinda disappointed I ate about 25lbs were of poultry at Wild Wings. Looking forward to the next home game and checking out Paulson Social Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by EaglesDare View Post
    In Section 108 the piped in “music” was deafening at times yet the stadium announcer was barely audible.
    Once again, volume for commercials is not normalized. Also the highs are still way too high as one of the older songs they played during a commercial break hurt my ears because of the high frequency.

    I really hate getting blasted in the face by the volume for ads. There's got to be a way to standardize that and enforce the people creating ads to conform to it. Either that or there's got to be some ability to filter and clip loudness levels using our audio/DSP equipment.

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    So did anyone else catch the Arcola Septic ad? "Yesterday's Meals on Wheels"
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    Agreed on most of these points. The club wristband thing is a great idea in concept to prevent unauthorized access. The implementation is not going work, and needs to be revisited. Several others noticed the roach thing as well. To GSUFF's comment, these were smaller, which is typically associated with a lack of cleanliness as opposed to the monsters that are impossible to avoid outside. Given that the facility has been barely used, that was odd.

    The music is definitely bad. Took my wife approx 20 min to get some boiled peanuts (counting line time and all, not just after her order). We've got a long way to go between now and 9/28
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