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Thread: Can we get to 6 wins and bowl eligibility?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eaglebilly View Post
    I think this is a season that we won't know what kind of team we have until the season is over. We knew we had a difficult schedule ahead, what we didn't know was how really good the teams on our schedule would be. I knew LSU would be good -- but not #1 good. I knew Minnesota would be good... but not as good as they turned out to be (we still could've beaten them). Louisiana - #1 or #2 team in the Sunbelt and beyond. In these games (except LSU) we were in there. Now add to that Shai and Kennedy just started their season in game 4... well each game reveals something else. In fact, I think we have two teams - the Tomlin team and the Shai team. Team Tomlin was evolving and had a head start, Team Shai is a couple of games behind (and maybe contributed to conservative play). LSU was a costly game for the season.

    Meanwhile we didn't know how good our division would be - Coastal, Gag State, App State -- all are playing above pre-season evaluations.

    So, let's take it one game at a time and see how the coaches handle adversity... it is in their hands.
    I have certainly thought about this over the rollercoaster of the last 3 games. Which team is going to show up?!? We won't know until the season is over. Still my comments remain that our inconsistency and late season Shai start, combined with an over achieving Sun Belt division has made our lives much less predictable. Coastal Carolina could've had nearly any game they played in this season. Gag State has been a solid competitor. Troy finally got their defensive act together at our expense. I hope what we saw in the 4Qtr tonight was the result of lessons learned from App and Troy -- nothing but full commitment to winning (i.e. "We're Georgia Southern... We're supposed to win" JM) until the last buzzer is necessary this year.

    Tonight, CL goes for the TD and a 2pt conversion near the end of the game - partly because the kids wanted it - (I know, usually not a good call) but since they wanted to close it out and nail the coffin with extra nails - I believe it was an unusually good move. They all needed redemption for last year and last week. Now can we please keep it up for two more games ???!!! PLEASE!!!!
    Billy Bennett
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    Default Re: Can we get to 6 wins and bowl eligibility?

    I've only seen an on side kick go for a TD a few times. That was exciting to see Brinson fly up there take it out of the air driving the kill home. Eagles this is how to play 4th quarter football GATA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwampEagle View Post
    4 wins is probable.
    5 wins is possible.
    6 wins is optimistic.

    Something will have to change to get more than 6. No more OL penetration...more big plays....some beat downs on 2 or 3 probable/possible change and 6 is tops.

    Let me offer a visual analogy for comparative and comprehension purposes: Cornbread. You mix cornmeal, flour (sometimes), buttamilk, some egg, salt and peppa, and some form of oll - butta, veg oil, Crisco or my favorite - bacon grease. mix all this up an' put it in that cast iron skillet. Add you some cracklin' or crack corn and some folks add some pimento but I think that's just wrong. cook that skillet 'til it get light brown on the top. You take it out...let it set 10 min and you flip on a plate. What you do if that underside is burnt? Did you grease that skillet first? Make sure that when you add that buttamilk it ain't too sticky? Last thing you wanna do is toss that cornbread to the hogs! Then that missus lay upside that head with them rollapin.

    Be happy with 5. Be ecstatic with 6. Be trippin' with 7.

    See what I'm sayin'?
    how about 9 wins?, see what I'm saying?(smile)

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    On the subject of bowl games, our Raycom Media Camellia Bowl win last year was included in a brief segment on ESPN’s 150 Years of College Football episode 18 I believe. It was in the last 15 minutes or so. Great to see them give some love to the smaller bowls and what they mean to schools like Georgia Southern.

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    Time to lock this pessimistic thread!!!! Woot! Woot!
    Poster formerly known as gudp1

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