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Thread: Option Offense

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcountry View Post
    You are right.

    I'm so sick of people blaming poor coaching/recruiting/performance on social media. (Lots of mommies all over social media crying about their players who deserve to have their praise even when they have a bad day.)

    Tired of people crying about our fans being mean and whatever.

    We are supposed to understand that criticism can/will happen in Big Boy World.

    I definitely like us putting the ball in the air more often. I think we see what Tomlin is like. He is a good QB, but maybe not a great option QB. He has such a nice arm and such good composure. If we get more guys with great hands, I could see him helping us become much more dynamic.

    (And all those "won without a single pass" guys will STFU when we actually show consistent improvement.)
    Haven't you done this exact thing by complaining about the stuff Lunsford posts on social media?

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdseye View Post
    I could care less if we run the option. In fact, I feel it’s time to move on. I like what other belt teams such as Troy, ULL and App are doing on offense. Sure, Van Gorder announced he was dumping the option and many of our fans went nuts - but that was the true triple option under center. The gun option is so different and other teams around the conference have learned how to shut us down. When you are near dead last in the FBS in yards per game, something needs to change. Take away our final drive yesterday - which was aided by penalties- and we had 250 total. We couldn’t score inside their 5 on four downs but got a break with the penalty.
    Until I see us getting shut down when we have perfect execution, that's the only time I'll believe we've been figured out.

    Right now we still miss blocks on probably 90% of plays, if not more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle02120624 View Post
    Vertical or horizontal? I've been trying to figure out since Debesse got here if he's telling Shai to attack the end/olb downhill and make the read or if he's telling him something different. My understanding is in most option offenses thats the primary read and determines whether he keeps or pitches. With ruse I felt like Ellison was doing just that. Running DOWNHILL. I agree with you on the quick passes like slants and 5-7 yd crossing routes. I will say in all the New Mexico games i watched while he was there, i can't recall seeing a quick slant or a shallow crossing route.
    The outside game is more lateral than vertical. DeBesse wants to stretch laterally and have the QB push to the pitch key's inside shoulder to make him commit. Then the QB either keeps or pitches based on what happens. That's why it's really frustrating when Werts cuts back inside (like he did early yesterday) instead of following outside like he's supposed to. He started taking the proper track later and the outside runs looked a lot better. In fact he did a great job on one pulling multiple defenders to himself and pitching late, which is also a key part of what DeBesse wants. The pitch man is to maintain the pitch relationship at all times because the pitch CAN come late like it did on that play. If we had given up on the relationship that would have been a really bad play. Kudos to everyone on that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesley_4024 View Post
    That's what we should encourage, people to stop attending Georgia southern games. Some of you option only people have serious mental issues. I don't give a crap what we run as long as we're successful with it. I think most just want to see GS be successful. For some reason though, there is a small fraction of so called fans that aren't happy unless we're running the option. Why do you care? Just run something that works, helps us recruit the best possible players, and helps take this program as far as it can go
    That's what successful coaching staffs of the past at Georgia Southern have done, Wesley_4024. Run a system that works for Georgia Southern and "recruit the best possible players" for our system. Charles Clarke, Lance Wayne, Vance Pike, Fred Stokes, Garrett Frye, Marcelo Estrada, William Maxwell, Dennis Franklin, Russell Orr, Mark "Bus" Williams, Tracy Ham, Greg Hill, JR Revere, Raymond Gross, Jayson Foster, Teddy Craft, Monty Sharpe, Raja Andrews, Adrian Peterson, Jermaine Austin, Joe Ross, Mark Myers, Darrell Hendrix, Nay Young, Brent Russell, Edward Thomas, Randell Boone, James Young, etc. So on and so on. I can't possibly name everybody who deserves it.

    Course, now we're FBS and couldn't possibly recruit those FCS players, could we? Wonder why those players, all with loads of talent, wanted to come be Georgia Southern Eagles in the first place?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglewraith View Post
    Haven't you done this exact thing by complaining about the stuff Lunsford posts on social media?
    Once again.

    Reading comprehension.

    I was not blaming social media on Lunsford getting carried away. I was blaming him for his getting carried away.

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    46 pages of drivel in a June-tier offseason thread... while we're in the thick of a conference title race.

    Since everything that could possibly be said has been said, I'm locking this before the insults really start flying.

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