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    I can't tell you the last time I printed something at work for work. The last few things I did were Amazon labels for returns. I printed out my resume for this job but other than that? I don't remember. I literally use a print out a few times a year. Anything work wise is sent via attachments or uploaded to the corporate box site.

    If you think radio isn't dying, then why do music artists release songs on soundcloud or youtube? Or not too long ago itunes? Myspace first took off when music artists were using the platform before everyone started using it as a social media platform.
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    I listen to the radio every day, and yes I mean normal, regular radio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcountry View Post
    Am I misremembering?

    Didn't we have about three ATL stations carrying our games just a few years back?

    (I like outside ATL radio range, but I sure thought we had this market covered just a few years back.)
    I’m sure it’s possible that was the case a few years back. Most people also still had a fax number on their business cards a few years back.
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    I may be one of the few people out there that enjoys having FM radio with earbuds on while watching ESPN+ that's often multiple plays behind.

    But I've gone to TuneIn because the station is so flakey, sometimes the station carrying the game changes with no notification, and it's basically gotten impossible to even find basketball post game anywhere on the radio even though I thought the flagship station was supposed to carry it (same problem with baseball).
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    Regarding football Scheduling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ Eagle View Post
    terrestrial radio is dead. You don't spend time hitching up a wagon to a dead horse. 99% of everyone carries a phone in their hand everywhere they go. They can listen to the games on multiple platforms directly from their phones. if they are somewhere that they don't have phone service, they are also going to be somewhere that they most likely will have no radio service from an Atlanta station.
    Glad to see someone so in tuned with today’s culture weigh in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eskimojoe View Post
    Glad to see someone so in tuned with today’s culture weigh in.
    Don't you have a coach to complain about???
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ Eagle View Post
    Don't you have a coach to complain about???
    Won't donate until we move up.
    Won't donate until TK is gone.
    Won't donate until we host a P5 now.
    People never grow up. They just learn how to act in public.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave. View Post
    Won't donate until we move up.
    Won't donate until TK is gone.
    Won't donate until we host a P5 now.
    Nailed it.

    Hail southern

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    Not trying to step on anyone's toes but our marketing and promotions inhale vigorously. Ideas are in the box, they are tried and true. We are just to comfortable with the way things are. I brought five people from Statesboro to their first game ever this year, they were amazed at what was going on in their community (we won).SMH Not a one of them had attended college anywhere. They're now asking who we will be playing in 2020 and they will be back. Maybe not season ticket holders but at least a game or two. Hey, they bought shirts for themselves and their kids. I was shocked to know that no one from either of the two families represented had any knowledge of what Ga Southern football was all about. They had heard about GS football but had never felt comfortable about coming to a game and fitting in, guess they thought it was only for people associated with GS.

    I am greatly concerned about building our base. We need to develop ways to entice people to drive 5 miles to go to a game as well as attracting people to drive 3 hours to a game. I'm sorry but this is something that has concerned me for a long time.

    Oh yeah, all the people around us have had the same seats for five years or more and made these Statesboro natives feel like part of the family. They have been invited to tailgate next year and they want to know what to bring.
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    FWIW I still listen to old school radio. I stream stuff too. I will say that FM has less technical difficulties. I've never had my phone not be able to load an FM station.

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