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    Here's what they had to say....

    Austin Peay at #16 Georgia Southern. Give credit to Austin Peay coach Rick Christophel: He is showing his Governors what it takes to be a player at the national FCS level. After a 41-6 thumping at #2 North Dakota State, it’s at #16 Georgia Southern and head coach Andrew Hatch’s “Hatch Attack” offense, led by quarterback Antonio Henton. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look much easier for the Governors – especially with an offense that struggled so mightily last week.
    Six Flags Over Henton 38, It’s Not Exactly All Christophel’s Fault, 3.

    I feel like this article is one of those things we're supposed to look at and find how many things are wrong with it. Andrew Hatch? And since when did Henton become GSU's savior? He may not even start.

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    Andrew Hatch. Nice.
    People never grow up. They just learn how to act in public.

    The artist formerly known as gsu_paintballer.

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    Hatch said they decided last week that Chapple would start against GA and Henton would start against Austin Peay.

    Journalism is much easier to do now, so anyone is doing it. Even idiots. you'd think if you know nothing about something, it'd be better to just pass on trying to write about it.

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    I did not realize that the LSU quarterback was also our head coach? You'd think the media would at least do a LITTLE research, eh? Wish I was going to be in the 'Boro tomorrow. Go Eagles!

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    If Coulson did it then it's no wonder. He's so far up App's *** I can't believe he knows how to not take two steps without falling on his face

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    This guy writes these articles with a little toungue in cheek. He gives everyone nicknames. I am pretty sure he knows the name of our coach.


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