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Thread: Zieziula Hired As Tennis Coach

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    Default Zieziula Hired As Tennis Coach

    I certainly welcome Zieziula to GSU and wish him well.

    As predicted in the Justin Miles dismissal thread, we've hired a young guy fresh out of school with a couple of years assisting under his belt. Coach Miles put in his time at GSU and did as well as can be expected with less than a high school budget and a facility in a parking lot. It's been said that his dismissal was to avoid his being fully vested in the Teacher's Retirement program.

    I'd like to know why we would dismiss someone who stuck with GSU, gaining nearly 10 years of Head Coaching experience while being paid peanuts, only to basically start over with another guy who is where Justin was when he was hired nearly 10 years ago.

    Again, welcome Coach Ziezula, my questions are about the judgment of the administration's dismissal of Coach Miles in the first place.

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    The rumor is - the AD is going to use an increase in student fees to fund the bonds to build a new tennis facility in the Paulson parking lot.


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