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    Mr. Webb, I can honestly say that few players have the character and commitment that your son has. God has certainly smiled on GSU for your son to have chosen our program, persevere and say the things he says and play the way he plays. All TruBlue GSU fans and Alum will forever have a place in our hearts for EJ and the Webb family!
    Aaron Stone
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    While Bleu has appoint about getting ahead of ourselves, I'll still take the opportunity to say that E. J. deserves tremendous credit for all he has done for the blue and white. I'm sure it has been tough to make all those trips from Virginia (right?), but I'm really happy to hear that you intend to stay plugged in. I hope that all the best in life will come to E. J., including a few more wins as an Eagle! Thanks to you and your wife for molding him into a young man that we can all be proud of.

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    Mr Webb, I'm a 57 yr old(kid at heart) GSU fan. I will never forget the 1st time I saw E. J., he was wearing #1, I said to my wife, that young man is going to be something special here, any linebacker that picks #1 jersey has got to back it up on the field and EJ has. I'm so happy that his Sr. year he's playing "lights out" he's been all over the field making great plays and he and the kids got a GSU football win Sat. It's great that we now have a coaching staff that Coach's these kids "up", rather than seeing little improvement from their Sr HS year till end of college career. Now let EJ know, WE AINT DONE YET!!!!, and thank you Mr and Mrs Webb, for raising a gentleman, who happens to be a heck of a football player.....GO EAGLES

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    Aaron you and your family will be missed. EJ made his last year his best. Good luck to him, he has at least 2 more games

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    I had the pleasure of talking with EJ at the "Meet the Eagles Day" his freshman year. We were walking up to the Bishop Building from the parking lot together. I welcomed him to the Boro and to the Eagle family. He was very soft spoken and very respectful of what it meant to put on the Blue and White. He said that he hoped he would make us all proud of him over the next four years. I spoke to him again on the field after the win and can honestly say that he has done that and more.
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    Thank you Mr. Webb! It's been a pleasure watching E.J. play. As others have said, he's True Blue and I to wish he could play here for 4 more years. I wish him and all the Srs well.

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    Mr Webb, Im glad your son chose GSU to play his College football. He has been a great player. He came through some tough years as an eagle. As a former player myself I cant imagine, after the time in which I played here in the 80's, going through some of the past seasons under different coaches. To stick through it and stay tough says alot about him. I think hes fortunate that he got to play his last season with Coach Monken. You guys are loyal to make that long trip on the weekends even with your son playing. Thanks for the support and I know EJ appreciated it.
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    We appreciate EJ sticking with Georgia Southern. A lot of players have come and gone over the last 4 years but EJ has been TRUE BLUE. In that perseverance lies true leadership.
    Hail Southern and no place else!

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    Thank you for being the parent of such a great guy!

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    Mr. Webb - Thank you for being a loyal Eagle fan and for allowing your son to spend his college years at GSU. Your son is truly a special person and his dedication throughout shows just that. I'm happy for him that he gets to at least enjoy a portion of what it is really like to be an Eagle. He can take pride in the fact that he has laid the groundwork for our rebirth. I expect to see all of you at games in the future... once an Eagle, ALWAYS an Eagle - TRUE BLUE!! Be proud of your son, every single member of the Eagle Nation is!

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