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    Hello everyone,

    This is Aaron Webb (E.J.'s dad) I just wanted to come on and thank everyone and let them know how much my wife (Vickie) and I appreciate all the great times we've had as being inducted into the GSU family....
    Fixed it for you. It's like being in the Marines. Once an Eagle...always an Eagle!

    You've got a hell of a son that bleeds blue and white. Having the guts and determination to stick with everything this program has gone through during his tenure is a testiment to you and your wife and will always make the GSU Family proud no matter what the scoreboard says....

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    Mr Webb....I will miss seeing you guys after every game and you know that you guys are always welcome to come by and eat with us at our tailgate! My son Nick has loved Georgia Southern since the day he was able to speak and watched many players run up and down the football field, but I can honestly say that his favorite player is and always will be EJ. Your son has always taken that extra moment to stop and say hi to him before every game and I just watch as my son's eyes light up every time. That means more to me than any interception, tackle or touchdown. So, I thank you for having such a great young man for a son and wish him only the best! Go EJ! and Go Georgia Southern!
    Nate Hirsch will ALWAYS be the voice of the Georgia Southern Eagles!

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