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Thread: Why Erk not in Hall of fame

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    Default Why Erk not in Hall of fame

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    It is truly amazing how many sports radio hosts, newspapers columnists and former players clamor for Erk to be inducted but nothing ever gets done. Just a plain shame and boderline injustice!!

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    I think the administration here at GSU should get some sort of movement going to protest the hall of fame. Just because he wasn't a head coach for however long doesn't mean he isn't hall of fame material.
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    How can they legitimately call themselves the "College Football Hall of Fame" when they induct Jim Donnan but exclude Erk Russell?

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    Maybe it is time to kick this thing up a notch......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dal Cannady View Post
    Maybe it is time to kick this thing up a notch......
    maybe someone on TV can start a crusade!

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    Having Donnan in the HOF ahead of Erk should grounds for dismissal of who ever is picking the inductees. Every Bull Dog fan as well as every Eagle fan fan should be up in arms! It makes the whole HOF seem pointless when such an injustice goes uncorrected for even a minute.

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    There are already 4,280-something fans on the Facebook page for this cause. If each one wrote an email, called a radio show,!

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    It is time to give it a shot.

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    I know Buck Belue would fight for the issue. I was listening to 680 the fan the day Erk passed and you could certainly tell he meant a lot to Buck.....he was very emotional that day, and I believe he brought up what an injustice it is that Erk is not in the HOF.


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