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Thread: Congrats to AP !

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    Lot of good stuff on here.

    I remember the first game he played as a redshirt freshman and being amazed at the way he played. We were listening to the postgame show in the parking lot when someone on the radio crew back then interviewed him, with a sort of warning beforehand that AP had the speech impediment.

    It was painful to hear AP (just 18 or 19 at the time) struggling to answer questions, but at the same time I remember thinking how courageous it was. I stil think of it that way.

    I got to see in person just about every highlight of his career, the 333-yard game against UMASS, the son of the run against Montana, and probably saw all but a couple hundred of his 9,000-plus yards.

    There's no single moment that defines him more for me as a man than that first time he went on radio and tried so hard to answer a few questions about the football game he'd just played in.
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    Bad news...the ceremony is in NYC and not the CFHOF in Atlanta. Bummer for those (me) interested in trying to attend.
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    The best college football player e-v-e-r ... IMO. We are all blessed that he came our way. Thanks AP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bleu View Post
    The best college football player e-v-e-r ... IMO. We are all blessed that he came our way. Thanks AP.
    wonderful honor indeed

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    I was lucky enough to buy him a beer a few years ago. Easily the nicest, most humble guy I've ever met. He talked to us for at least 20 minutes, asking questions and being genuinely engaged in the conversation. Something I won't forget

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    From CPJ speaking about AP while he was at GS. "Adrian's as good a person as he is a football player". Let that sink in.

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    I just watched the induction ceremony on ESPN3. I swelled with true blue pride seeing the video they ran about him (yes it included the run) and when he slipped on the HOF ring. Every inductee had a great college career, and though I may be a bit biased, none compared to his numbers. The Division I rushing yards record, two national titles, 4 So Content titles, 4 time All American, 8 consecutive 100+ yard games are just a few they mentioned. I hope he wears the HOF ring to graduation Saturday where he is addressing the graduates during commencement. Congrats AP.

    Note: I did not realize Urlacher was being inducted as well. Pretty cool to have two NFL teammates inducted together.

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    I agree ......I felt that same sense of GS pride! Having 2 GS members in the HOF is great....only 900(+) out of over 5,000,000 players all time have been deemed worthy of being inducted. Seeing our logo on such a huge, historic stage tonight makes me long for the days of GS football dominance again!

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    I watched it too and was so happy for Adrian. Seeing his pictures on social media, he was definitely taking it all in, as he should. I wasn't aware of the format of one person speaking on behalf of the entire class. I thought each person might get a moment or two to talk, but it was pretty neat having Peyton Manning speak about Adrian along with all the other inductees.

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