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Thread: Radio Broadcast?????

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    Default Radio Broadcast?????

    What was the deal with the radio broadcast today? Would have loved to hear our crew today during and after the game, but no such luck! Local radio coverage is simply a bad situation right now...I could say it another way but I'm going to be nice!!!

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    New flagship station, poor operation. Athletics has its own channel on TuneIn now, it was available on it.
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    The Local network stations are a joke. Several times this season, they have cutaway from the post game show. We list a number of stations on our network that don't broadcast the games. But I agree, it's ridiculous for our flagship station to not carry the post game locally.

    This is, once again, something on the back of our Athletics Dept. Anybody know who's responsible for the radio network?

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    The game was apparently on 105.5 in Statesboro. Did not know that.
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    Tried 4 of the stations listed as carrying the game it was on none of them.
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