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Thread: Grade the Coaching Staff

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    Default Grade the Coaching Staff

    Most of the hires are official now, so give the grade for the staff overall.

    I think Lunsford coaching under Jerry Moore, Mike Sewak, Jeff Monken, and Willie Fritz gives him better experience than many think. He turned what may have legitimately been the worst team in FBS to one in the top 100, and without an off-season that's not easy to do. And Like I pointed out before, when interim coaches get promoted their track records are pretty good.

    We've got arguably more thoroughly proven recruiters on this staff without a doubt.
    Sloan is a good defensive coach and recruiter that did a great job with App's secondary.
    IMO Debesse with his experience is a good synergistic combination with Lunsford.

    The question marks IMO are OL coaching and I'd also like to have one more recruiting hawk on the offensive side.

    Overall, I give it an A-. Definitely much better on paper than either 2016 or 2017 staff.
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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    Should break it down for defense and offense could be quite different and we dont know who Sloan or DeBesse are bringing yet if anyone. Little early.
    Dirk E. Sanchez, Overyonder, GA 2001

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    you missed JDC's point.

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    A-, only because there is still uncertainty with position coach responsibilities and staff cohesiveness. But on paper, it looks like the ideal staff.

    As half said in another thread - for our budget and level of football you couldn't have made a better hire than DeBesse. Combine that with known commodities in Sloan and Cabral and CCL did an outstanding job assembling a staff.

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    I'll hold off on rating this group until the final position coaches are announced. Curious if DeBesse will want any of the existing assistant coaches on the offensive side of the ball or will he request a few of his own men.

    Overall the coaching hires have been very encouraging to this alum

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    Eh. I'm bored. But that's OK. Not gonna think about GS football until August now. That time of year for me.

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    It's between a B+ and A- for me (voted A-). DeBesse is a slam dunk, and Sloan is a huge get as well. Coach Cab being back is one of the greatest things ever. IMO the two biggest question marks are Lunsford himself (simply because lack of experience) and how well the OL coaching can improve without having meddling hands (as has been suggested).
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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    Too early to tell for sure, but for now I went with a B+. I like what we know, but there is always the uncertainty of how coaches mesh with each other, how they relate to existing players, how much of their prior record is really due to them as opposed to others, etc. etc.
    But, overall, and given our current situation and budget, I am very satisfied with what has been put together.

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    I heard 2 weeks ago that a couple of the OCs we were talking to wanted 2 year contracts. I am assuming DeBesse got 2 years. The going rate we seem willing to pay is 250K/year. Sloan got that amount too for 15 months. I hope DeBesse got 2 years as we desperately need some continuity on offense

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    A-. All of the hires are great and should fit in nicely with CCL. I think Bodine would fit into Debesse's scheme really well. CCL is the CEO and he has assembled a great staff for GASou football. Now it's time to get them on the same page and then do what they do best. Future looks bright boys and girls.

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    Solid A. Short of PJ returning to the Boro as a position coach this may be as good as it gets. CCL makes a marked improvement in likely the most demoralized and youngest team in America and follows with some very nice coaching adds. Well done! Now let's get this train on the tracks!

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