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Thread: CFB - 12 Recruiting Red Flags

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    Default CFB - 12 Recruiting Red Flags

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    That’s interesting. A couple of weeks ago I wondered whether transferring in HS could be read as a question mark. It looks like some recruiters do at least raise their eyebrows.
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    Number six is just smart, plenty of great players that get buried on the bench at AL level schools and wish they could go back and go to a different school. I mean if you are a tweener P5 RB you going to look at AL or uga's RB roster and not consider it? How many snaps did Tae Crowder get at uga when he flipped at the last minute from us? I heard his name for the first time when the OK flubbed the squib kick and it went right to him. I get going for academics or it is your life long dream just to wear a jersey but if you looking for playing time or have any hopes for the NFL you are wise to be honest with yourself and considering the roster and who else they are recruiting. DIV III coaches wondering why a guy is dragging his feet on a visit really lol. Also 10 I am with the player, most have offers and why do they want to waste their time messing around with a coach that is wishy washy. It is bad thing if a kid is wishy washy but not a coach? Goes along with 12 ton of coaches talking out of both sides of their mouth. If you expect a kid to be sure you should be as well.
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    you missed JDC's point.

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