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Thread: A reminder for football season...

  1. Default A reminder for football season...

    I was glancing through the slideshow of award winners for the Georgia Press Association, and got to Sports Feature Photographs. This is from Enoch Autry of the Sylvania Telephone, which won 1st place in Class G (based on circulation).

    Is that Ty Hatcher, I presume?

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    that's awesome
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    I hope the bust does not get damaged from all of the headbutts, esp because over the next few years we will have so many post season home games

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    Anybody have a way to just get the picture, and not the rest of it? I'd love to have it. Plus, you want to talk about a great marketing picture. That has got an ad about "Future Eagles" written all over it.

    Gotta hand it to the guy that took it. He captured a great moment. I'm sure Erk is smiling about this one.
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    That would sell. Nice photo.
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    you missed JDC's point.


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